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What we do .

Nice Privacy Ltd work on several different areas - and are constantly developing the portfolie with our partners.

Ballz Magazine

Ballz Magazine is an online magazine for the man who dare to stand up and stand out on all areas of life.  The man who wan freedom and dont follow trends and norms.  It give you daily articles about sex, relationships, self confidence, money, business, and much more. 

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Dating sites

Nice Privacy run a series of niche dating sites.  Its sites that by many could be taboo – but we dont give anything for taboos and restrictions.  As long as its legal, and non-abusive.  See all the sites below…


Nice Privacy are right now developing some really interesting and nice webshops.  So stay tuned and see more soon.

Projects .

Here you can see our main projects and through the links you can learn even more. Click on each project to read more and find direct links.

About us....

Nice Privacy Ltd. is founded by Jep Andre Laponnel – a danish investor and entrepreneur – now living on Malta.  He has been and are involved in several projects.  Starting really early in the family company producing the world known Good luck Trolls – for which he made a big agreement with DreamWorks Animation, which made the Trolls movie in 2016 (A new one is out in april 2020) See more here.

Jep is very passionate about innovation and thinking out of the box – teaching and showing people that everything is possible – with the right mindset.  And that freedom and living your life to the fullest is a REALLY important thing to remember. 

  • Ballz Magazine - online mens magazine
  • Niche dating sites that pushes limits
  • WebShops with Ballz Design and much more

Freedom to live your life as you want, is a thing that shows up in all the projects we work with.  Most obvious in the central project in Nice Privacy´s portfolio – Ballz Magazine. That was started by Jep Andre because he heard women around him complain how weak many men has become. So Ballz Magazine is a real PASSION project that teach men to stand up, and stand out from the crowd.  Teaching men to be REAL men again – be gentleman but also stand by themself and not letting them push around by society, norms, taboos and other peoples opinion.  It teach men not to give a F… about what other think. 

The dating sites we work with are all niche dating sites that very well can step on some toes for the target group.  And – we could not care less. Freedom is to live your life as you want – and those dating dating sites help you find like minded people. People who like just the same like you – no matter what.  Can you think of anything more liberating.  Taboos, old norms and judgement doesn´t exist in our universe. As long as it is legal (in the countries we work in), not abusive and not demeaning. We have a ZERO tolerance for such things. 

We hope you like the sites we have setup for you. Let us hear from you if you have suggestions and ideas that you want to work with us on.   

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